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Sweepers Are Superheroes

Sanitation workers face horrific work conditions, social stigma and extreme poverty in Pakistan and Covid-19 has further made them vulnerable. In 2017, #SewperHeroes campaign was launched in this context to ensure dignity, safety and employment security for sanitary workers in Pakistan.
The research conducted in 2019, shows their workplace is life-threatening and threat of unemployment is used to force the workers in these horrifying work conditions. It was also found that the most vulnerable groups are forced into this occupation with the attached social stigmas of untouchability, that they are born low and deserve social distancing.

Volunteer to protect the most vulnerable section of the population

Safety against COVID-19

Since the breakout of Corona Virus pandemic, we launched our drive to provide Personal Protection Equipment to the #SewperHeroes. While everyone is working to protect themselves from being infected, these workers remain most vulnerable due to the nature of their work. Donate now get these workers the safety gear they deserve.

SewperHeroes Advocacy Group

As part of our effort to improve the workplace safety of these workers, we have formed an advocacy group which meets with policymakers and politicians on a regular basis to advocate for the rights of these workers including legislation reform, improved safety practices and quality of life.

Social Media Campaign

#SewperHeroes campaign derives a great degree of its support from social media. We work with a network of influencers and followers to raise public awareness about the issues of sanitation workers. Moreover, we also try convince the general public to treat sanitation workers with greater respect and gratitude.

Organizing Sanitation Workers

#SewperHeroes campaign also works with sanitation workers to help them form labor unions, associations and other forms of labor organizations. This empowers them to work for their own rights rather than rely solely on outside help.

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